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What is Vannilo?

Vannilo is an investment company located in Madrid, which offers a private and flexible financing alternative in the national market.


To be an investor that society values, thanks to in-depth analysis of our future investments, relying on the best specialists who can anticipate incoming market trends, and to provide active and responsible asset management


One of Vannilo’ objectives is, through the pursuit and ongoing study of new investment opportunities, to generate reliable, attractive returns that enable us to keep growing and work with the best partners and investors on the market.


Rigorously analyze and select projects, aiming to preserve invested capital and provide a constant long-term rate of return.



We seek to improve the quality of all our processes by integrating the latest technologies and innovations, to provide maximum value to our projects.


We are honest with our partners, investors, clients and collaborators, showing complete transparency to achieve a good reputation.


We maintain in each of our actions a reliable way of working that links the brand with synonyms of quality, excellence and sustainability. Our commitments are firm.

Social Commitment

We believe that every company should contribute to improving living conditions in the areas where they are established, or to promoting initiatives that positively contribute to the life of the community.

We are known for carrying out an active and flexible management of our investments, allowing us to react quickly to changes that occur in the market.


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