Financing for Companies

Alternative private and flexible financing for companies

Vannilo is an investment company located in Madrid, which offers a private and flexible financing alternative for companies in the national market.

investment criteria

Discover the investment criteria that we follow to finance companies


  • Acquisition financing
  • Growth / Expansion Financing
  • Acquisition of minority stakes and replacement of partners
  • Debt restructuring
  • Capitalization
  • Need for Liquidity
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Geographical Scope

We invest in companies based in Spain

Investment instruments

  • Billing

    We invest in companies that bill between € 500K and € 1.5M annually

  • Size of Investments

    We invest from € 20K to € 200K per company

  • Exclusions

    - Tobacco industry, weapons and games
    - Start-up companies

Documentation necessary to request Financing

If you are looking for financing, take a look at the documentation that you will have to send us

Regarding real estate:

  • Proof of being up to date with the IBI payment
  • Proof of being up to date in the payment of the Community Owners

Regarding the Company

  • Certificate of non-existence of debts (or employees) with the S.S.
  • Certificate of non-existence of debts with the Treasury
  • Corporate tax for the last fiscal year
  • Annual summary of the I.V.A. from the last exercise
  • Updated balance sheet of the company
  • Profit and loss account
  • Act of Real Ownership (Minutes of the Board approving the loan if necessary)

Regarding the Prevention of Money Laundering

  • “Natural person client” and “legal person” files covered and signed

Opinions of our Clients

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