Frequent Questions

Vannilo is an investment company that allows you to make your savings profitable in a simple and effective way, without having to do anything and receiving interest on a monthly basis.

Some of the characteristics that differentiate Vannilo are these:

Highest return: The investor is offered a return of 7% per year, thus exceeding the market average.

No hidden fees or costs: No hidden fees are charged or passed on to the investor as their philosophy is to take advantage of the difference between the return on investment and the interests of investors, thus prioritizing their investors.

Monthly payment: Unlike most alternatives on the market, Vannilo pays the return on investment on a monthly basis.

Commitment: By investing your own capital alongside that of your investors, the degree of trust and commitment in the investments you make is demonstrated.

You must fill out this form for the responsible person to contact you.

The minimum amount to invest in Vannilo is € 5,000.

Once you have made the investment, the capital is invested in previously analyzed projects in order to make it profitable as soon as possible and thus pay the interest agreed in the contract.

Interest is delivered monthly and by bank transfer to the investor’s account, the amount corresponding to the investment made.

* The payment of interest will be subject to the established legal retentions, following the Agreements that regulate the relationship between Spain, the registered office of Vannilo, and the State of residence of the Investor.

As income from movable capital in the declaration-liquidation of the Personal Income Tax.

The duration of the contract is 2 years, however, in the event of an unforeseen event, we offer the possibility of requesting a partial or total recovery of the invested capital under specific conditions established in the contract.

This type of investment does not entail, on the part of the investor, any liability towards third parties.

We put at your disposal a person in charge of investor relations to whom you can communicate your intention to cancel your investment.

However, in the event that you have not yet contacted, two months before the end of the term of each investor, said person will contact you to know your intentions and prepare the withdrawal of capital, if you wish, once the date stipulated in the contract has arrived.