How it works?

We tell you the steps to follow to invest in Vannilo!

Steps to follow to invest with us

Decide your investment

Decide the amount you want to invest, taking into account the objectives of your investment. Help yourself with the investment simulator.

We sign the contract

We will sign a loan contract at 7% fixed annual interest. If you wish, we can notarize it as a notarially certified instrument.

Passive Income

Start receiving the interest on your investment after the first month.¹

End of your contract

At the end of the 2 years, coinciding with the last installment, the initially invested capital will be delivered.²

¹ The payment of interest will be subject to the legal withholdings established, following the Agreements that regulate the relationship between Spain, the registered office of Vannilo, and the State of residence of the Investor.

² However, if the investor informs us before that date, that he wishes to renew or increase the amount of the contract, he may choose not to receive the initial capital, so as not to incur any possible financial costs on his part derived from the transfer. , and would continue to receive the monthly payment corresponding to the amount ultimately invested.

Simulate your investment

Monthly Return =
Annual Return =
Total Return =

*In this simulation, the established legal withholdings corresponding to the interest payment have not been applied. These will be studied individually for each investor. Vannilo is not a participative financing platform, as it does not intermediate between investors and people who need to obtain financing but seeks financing to carry out their own projects. It is therefore not subject to Act No 5/2015 of 27 April 2015 on the promotion of business financing. It is neither a credit institution nor a collective investment institution and is therefore not subject to their respective regulatory rules. Vannilo’s activity is a private activity which is regulated only by generally applicable commercial rules. Vannilo 4 Inversiones, SL with NIF B-88274592 – Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Volume: 38392, Folio: 180, Section: 8 Sheet: M-683021.

Early Recovery of Invested Capital

To invest in Vannilo, we have to make sure that we will not need that capital for the next two years. However, sometimes we cannot avoid that some unforeseen event misplaces our plans and we have to resort to the money invested.

We must know that, in this circumstance, we offer the possibility of requesting a partial or total recovery of the invested capital under specific conditions, which will be duly informed before the contract is signed and will be reflected in it.