Investment Strategy

Your profitability does not depend on our investment, since we offer interest at a fixed 7% annual rate. Still, we want to tell you what our investment strategy is!

Active Management

We invest in companies in the national market that have the potential to improve operationally, strategically and financially, with the objective of preserving the invested capital and providing a constant long-term rate of return through an active and flexible investment strategy.

Investment Standard

  • Business Model

    We invest in companies with a solid business model, excellent management team, and significant untapped potential for revenue and EBITDA growth.

  • Cash Flows

    We check that companies have a proven ability to generate sustainable cash flow over time.

  • Turnover

    We invest in companies that bill between € 500K and € 1.5M annually.


Generalists, we do not invest in sectors but in attractive projects led by the best management teams.

Geographical Scope

We invest in companies based in Spain.

Investment Channels

  • Financing of acquisitions
  • Growth / expansion financing.
  • Minority interests acquisition and partners replacement
  • Debt restructuring.

Investment Size

We invest from € 50k to € 500k per company.


  • Participative loans.
  • Preferred stock.
  • Ordinary shares.


  • Tobacco sector, weapons and games.
  • Start-up companies.

Our investments in figures

Accumulated investment
Number of investments
Investor capital