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Vannilo (“Vannilo 4 Inversiones”), holder of corporate tax ID code B-88274592, is a real estate investment firm registered in the Business Register of Madrid, Spain, in volume 38,392, folio 180, section 8, page number M-683021. Its registered offices are located at Avenida de los Reyes Católicos 6, 2º, 13B, 28220, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain. This LEGAL NOTICE is provided to regulate access, use and relationships in general between this Portal (“WEBSITE”), whose address is, and users of the WEBSITE (“users”). 


Vannilo 4 Inversiones wants to facilitate a speedy, effective relationship with WEBSITE users, so Vannilo 4 Inversiones hereby guarantees the privacy of its on-line services in accordance with legal requirements and informs users of its personal data protection policy so users are free to decide voluntarily if they want to provide Vannilo 4 Inversiones with their personal data on the on-line form for subscribing to the services Vannilo 4 Inversiones offers on its WEBSITE. Users give Vannilo 4 Inversiones their consent for the processing of their personal data according to the terms of this Personal Data Protection Policy.

Confidentiality in the automated processing of users’ personal data

Vannilo 4 Inversiones guarantees the confidentiality of users’ personal data and the confidentiality of the automated processing of that data in accordance with current personal data protection legislation (Spanish Constitutional Act 15/99 of 13 December on personal data protection, Spanish Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11 June approving the Regulation on security measures for automated files containing personal data and all other applicable legislation on the subject).

Vannilo 4 Inversiones has adopted the personal data protection security levels required by law, and it has installed all technical means and measures within its reach to prevent personal data loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft. Even so, users must be aware that Internet security measures are not invulnerable.

The personal data Vannilo 4 Inversiones collects will be processed automatically and saved in computer files by Vannilo 4 Inversiones.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones will provide users with the necessary technical resources so that, before furnishing their personal data, users can access this Personal Data Protection Policy notice or any other relevant information and give Vannilo 4 Inversiones their consent for processing users’ personal data automatically.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones reserves the right to change this policy to adapt it to new features, the demands of legislation or case law or industry practice, taking account of the legitimate interests of consumers or users at all times. Certain services the WEBSITE provides may contain special conditions with specific stipulations concerning personal data protection.

Purpose of personal data collection and automated processing

The purpose for which users’ personal data are collected and subjected to automated processing when users browse the WEBSITE or ask about, request or subscribe to any of the services Vannilo 4 Inversiones offers is not only to provide users with a personalized on-line experience on Vannilo 4 Inversiones websites, but also to maintain the contractual relationship between each user and Vannilo 4 Inversiones and to manage, administrate, render, expand and improve the services users decide to subscribe to, register for or use, and to tailor those services to each user’s preferences and tastes.

The purpose also includes running quantitative and qualitative studies of hits and service use, designing new services related with Vannilo 4 Inversiones’ regular services, updating services and using traditional and electronic means to send technical information, operational information, information related with the specific parameters selected by users on their Subscription Form, survey forms and commercial information or advertising about the products and services offered by Vannilo 4 Inversiones or third-party ASSOCIATES.

The answers to the personal data questions marked on the Subscription Form with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

In no case will Vannilo 4 Inversiones use a user’s personal data for any purpose other than the purposes listed above without first giving notice on the WEBSITE and giving the user a reasonable time to object to the change.

Users are not obligated to receive the advertising mentioned above or the survey forms. If you do not want to receive advertising, state your preference on your Subscription Form when you subscribe to Vannilo 4 Inversiones’ services, or e-mail This e-mail address is protected from spambots. You will need to have JavaScript activated in order to display it, or write to Vannilo 4 Inversiones, Avenida de los Reyes Católicos 6, 2º, 13B, 28220, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

Banner ads and other types of advertising unrelated with services rendered by Vannilo 4 Inversiones may be displayed on the WEBSITE. Vannilo 4 Inversiones merely allows such advertising to be displayed.

User Rights in Connection with Personal Data

Users are recognized as having the rights of access, cancellation, rectification and objection to data processing, use and transfers and can exercise those rights by contacting Vannilo 4 Inversiones. To exercise your rights, e-mail us at or write to Vannilo 4 Inversiones, Avenida de los Reyes Católicos 6, 2º, 13B, 28220, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

Users may also exercise their right to be informed of the purposes for which they have authorized the use of their data and any transfers of their data by Vannilo 4 Inversiones to its third-party partners.

Transfers of Users’ Personal Data to Third Parties

Vannilo 4 Inversiones will not transfer personal data gathered from a user over the WEBSITE to third parties without the user’s consent. Accordingly, Vannilo 4 Inversiones will first offer the user the possibility of agreeing to or refusing such transfers.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones will expressly inform the user about any transfer of the user’s personal data to third parties, giving the identity of the recipients and the purpose of the personal data transfer.

If you have any questions about this, you can contact Vannilo 4 Inversiones by e-mailing us at or writing to Vannilo 4 Inversiones, Avenida de los Reyes Católicos 6, 2º, 13B, 28220, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

Nevertheless, the contract conditions applicable to certain services that can be engaged over the WEBSITE may require the user to give consent for data transfers to third-party ASSOCIATES that are needed in order to provide the service.

The user consents to personal data use required by the competent administrative authorities or by court order.

Use of Cookies and the Activity File

Vannilo 4 Inversiones, or a third party engaged on Vannilo 4 Inversiones’ behalf to render audience measurement services, may use cookies when a user browses the WEBSITE pages. Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server to record the user’s activities on the WEBSITE.

The cookies used by Vannilo 4 Inversiones or the third party acting on its behalf are associated only with an anonymous user and that user’s computer. They do not themselves provide personal information about the user.

When a user allows cookies, the user can learn what server is using the cookies. To do so, see the instructions for your browser.

Because of cookies, the Vannilo 4 Inversiones server, or the server of the third party acting on Vannilo 4 Inversiones’ behalf, is able to recognize the user’s computer browser. This makes browsing easier (for instance, by allowing registered users to access areas, services, deals or contests set aside exclusively for registered users, without their having to log in each time they visit). Cookies are also used to measure audience and traffic parameters and to monitor progress and the number of entries.

Users can set up their browser to notify them on screen when it receives cookies and to prevent cookies from being installed on their hard drive. Please check your browser’s instructions and manuals for more information. Users do not have to allow the cookies sent by Vannilo 4 Inversiones or the third party acting on its behalf in order to use the WEBSITE, although the user would have to take the trouble to sign in for each of the services that cannot be provided without first registering or logging in.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones’ web servers also automatically detect users’ IP address and domain name. All this information is recorded in a server activity file so the data can to be processed later to obtain statistics revealing the number of page impressions, the number of visits to web services, etc.


The texts (information, concepts, opinions and similar items) and graphic elements (design, logos, source code and similar items) making up the WEBSITE and distributed over the WEBSITE, likewise their presentation and organization, are the sole property of Vannilo 4 Inversiones, or else Vannilo 4 Inversiones holds the right to use them through agreements with third parties.

In this sense, they are works protected by Spanish and EC regulations on intellectual property, pursuant to Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April approving the Revised Intellectual Property Act and Spanish Act 5/1998 of 6 March incorporating Directive 96/9/EC on the legal protection of databases into Spanish law. International treaties in this field are also applicable.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones grants no licenses or authorizations to use its industrial and intellectual property rights or any other property or rights related with the WEBSITE save under express agreement with third parties.

Users may reproduce the contents of the WEBSITE for the sole purpose of storing the contents of the WEBSITE, making backups or printing the contents of the WEBSITE out for private use.

Apart from the above, it is prohibited to reproduce, distribute, transform or present all or any part of the contents of the WEBSITE or any of its elements directly or indirectly over on-line networks or similar media, for a commercial purpose aimed at the public or for any use beyond the uses mentioned above, even if the source is credited, unless done with express written authorization from Vannilo 4 Inversiones or its third-party associates, as applicable. Failure to respect this prohibition empowers Vannilo 4 Inversiones to take legal action.


Presentation of a page of the WEBSITE within the frame of another web page that does not belong to Vannilo 4 Inversiones by means of the technique called “framing”, unless with the express written consent of Vannilo 4 Inversiones.

Inclusion of any image posted on the WEBSITE in a page or database not belonging to Vannilo 4 Inversiones by means of the technique called “in-line linking”, unless with the express authorization of Vannilo 4 Inversiones.

Extraction and use of elements of the WEBSITE regardless of whether any harm is thereby done to Vannilo 4 Inversiones, pursuant to Spanish Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April passing the Revised Spanish Intellectual Property Act and Spanish Act 5/1998 of 6 March incorporating Directive 96/9/EC on the legal protection of databases into Spanish law.

The rights not expressly granted above are reserved by Vannilo 4 Inversiones or its third-party associates where applicable.

All trade names, trademarks and other marks, logotypes, symbols, composite marks, figurative trademarks and denominative trademarks appearing on the WEBSITE belong to Vannilo 4 Inversiones or Vannilo 4 Inversiones is authorized to use them and they are protected under law.


1. Conditions of Use and Acceptance.

These conditions regulate the use of the Internet website“the Website””) that Vannilo (“Vannilo 4 Inversiones”), makes available free of charge to Internet users.

Any person who uses the Vannilo 4 Inversiones Website becomes a website user (“User”) and fully and unreservedly accepts each and every one of the conditions and restrictions posted on the Website at the time when the User accesses the Website. The User must carefully read and comply with the General Conditions of the Website and the Special Conditions of any services the User uses from the Website, likewise instructions and notices addressed to the User (collectively, “Conditions of Use”).

If the User accesses the Website and/or uses any of the services from the Website, that means the User accepts all the Conditions of Use. Vannilo 4 Inversiones reserves the right to make unilateral changes in the Website and the services offered on the Website, including changes in the Conditions of Use.

The User is recommended to read this Legal Notice every time the User accesses the website.

2. Conditions of Website Use.

The User undertakes to make authorized use of the Website. It is expressly prohibited to use the Website or any of its services for purposes or effects that are contrary to law, good faith, public order or the Conditions of Use. It is also prohibited to use the Website or any of its services in any way that is harmful to third-party rights or interests or in any way hampers the normal use of the Website and/or its services by other users.

Use of the Website is free of charge. The use of certain services requires the User to be registered in a database and use certain passwords. The User undertakes to use passwords correctly and diligently and not to share passwords with unregistered third persons.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones reserves the right to refuse or withhold access to the Website and any of its services from any User who fails to comply with the General Conditions, the Special Conditions and/or any of the instructions and warnings delivered to the User.

3. Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones may ask the User for certain data before allowing the User to use certain services. Vannilo 4 Inversiones will process such data according to its Privacy Policy, which the User can access at this address: Privacy and Cookie Policy.

4. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

All Website contents (including but not limited to trademarks, trade names, images, icons and the general presentation of the Website and its contents) are subject to intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to Vannilo 4 Inversiones or third parties. In no case does access to the Website mean that Vannilo 4 Inversiones or the owner of the intellectual or industrial property rights (i) grants any authorization or licence referring to the content or (ii) waives, transfers or assigns all or any of their rights to the contents (including rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication).

The Website and/or its contents may be put to no use other than the uses expressly authorized by Vannilo 4 Inversiones. No user of the Website may resell, repost, print, download, copy, retransmit or present (via frame, html or any other means) any element of the Website or the contents of the Website without prior written consent from Vannilo 4 Inversiones unless the law allows contents to be copied or printed in a reasonable manner for personal, non-commercial use. At all events the copyright and other data identifying the rights of Vannilo 4 Inversiones and/or the holder of the rights to the contents shall remain unchanged.

The Website and its contents are protected by international and Spanish laws protecting industrial and intellectual property, as individual works and/or as collections. The User may not delete or otherwise modify the information on the Website concerning such rights. All rights are reserved by Vannilo 4 Inversiones or the holder of the rights.

5. Exclusion of Guarantees and Liabilities.

a) Exclusion of guarantees and liabilities for Website operation.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones does not guarantee and assumes no liability for the operation of the Website and/or its services. If the operation of the Website and/or its services is interrupted, Vannilo 4 Inversiones will endeavour to alert the User if possible. Vannilo 4 Inversiones does not guarantee that the Website and/or its services are useful for any particular activity, that the Website and/or its services are infallible or that the User can use the Website or the services at all times. Vannilo 4 Inversiones is authorized to make any technical changes necessary to improve the quality, performance and efficacy of the system and its connection. Save where a time period is expressly stated, the services are to be provided for an open-ended term, but Vannilo 4 Inversiones is authorized to terminate any of the services or access to the Website at any time. Whenever possible Vannilo 4 Inversiones shall endeavour to notify the User in advance.

b) Exclusion of guarantees and liabilities for content.

The contents of various kinds included on the Website and made available to the public generally facilitate access to information, products and services supplied or rendered by Vannilo 4 Inversiones. These contents are facilitated in good faith by Vannilo 4 Inversiones with information sometimes drawn from sources other than Vannilo 4 Inversiones. For this reason, Vannilo 4 Inversiones cannot guarantee the reliability, truthfulness, exhaustiveness and recentness of all contents. Therefore, Vannilo 4 Inversiones is excluded from any liability of any kind stemming from damages caused directly or indirectly by the information accessed over the Website. Vannilo 4 Inversiones does not guarantee that the Website’s contents are fit for the private purposes of persons accessing the Website. Consequently, anyone accessing the Website and/or using information or contents from the Website does so under his or her own exclusive liability, and Vannilo 4 Inversiones in no case and to no extent accepts liability for any damage stemming from use of information and contents that can be accessed on the Website. Moreover, Vannilo 4 Inversiones is in no case liable for products or services provided or offered by other persons or entities or for contents, information, communications, opinions or statements of any kind that originate from or are given by third parties and can be accessed over the Website.

c) Exclusion of guarantees and liabilities for links to other pages.

The Website may allow the User to access it through links to other web pages. Vannilo 4 Inversiones is not liable for and does not sponsor the contents of web pages to which the Website is linked, nor does it guarantee the legality, accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of the information such web pages contain. The existence of a link does not imply the existence of any relationship of any kind between Vannilo 4 Inversiones and the owner of a website to which the Website is linked. Vannilo 4 Inversiones holds no liability of any kind for violations or damage done to the User or third parties by the contents of web pages to which the Website is linked.


The Conditions of Use are governed by Spanish law. The services offered on the Website are likewise governed by Spanish law.

Vannilo 4 Inversiones has no control whatsoever over who can access its Website or where they are located. While Vannilo 4 Inversiones is aware of this, it does not mean Vannilo 4 Inversiones submits to the jurisdiction of any foreign country; in the event of conflicts or claims in connection with the Website or any of the services rendered over the Website, the parties agree to submit expressly to the courts of the city of Madrid, Spain.

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